With the introduction of a new phone rate structure Simyo focussed on the usage of data. With this changes SKODA wants to adress the target group of the digital natives.  In a relaunch of the complete plattform we developed a fresh new design with a responsive tablet first approach.

I was responsible for the rough and detailed concept of the navigations concent, the homepage, the phone rate pages detail pages and comparison as well as the order process.


Site Structure and Navigation

In the relaunch of Simyo we reduced the Sitemap drastically and got rid of all informations that lost its relevance over time. That allowed us to have a much cleaner structure and to focus on informations that are really matter to the consumer.

As a compromise between the Desktop and the Smartphone resolution we chose an tablet first approach for the responsive behaviour. With this approach we made sure that the site is mobile friendly but still don’t have too much extensively space in the desktop version. We defined our breakpoints in a way that the website is on a tablet website fully visible without any scaling.

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